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Silverlined Taupe and Gunmetal Statement Necklace – “The Maze”


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This necklace  combines a couple of my favorite beading components in an amazing piece of wearable art, and was a joy to design and create.  Silverlined taupe seed beads have an unusual iridescent quality, and gunmetal seed beads have an incredible sheen.  When you put these two together using cubic right angle weave, the result is this truly stunning piece of jewelry featuring a labyrinth – or maze – design that extends from the center outward and upward.  Measuring 16 and 3/4 inches in length and 3 and 3/16 inches at its widest point, this necklace is secured with a beaded toggle clasp, also done in the cubic right angle weave stitch.  You’ll get lost in its mesmerizing design.


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