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Gray and Gold Fortuneteller Bracelet

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I remember as a child playing with a folded piece of paper called a fortuneteller – do you?   The idea being that if you manipulated the folded object  in a certain way you’d reveal your “fortune” that was written on the inside of the paper flaps based on the number printed on the outside of the paper flap.  Leave it to Kate McKinnon and her colleagues at Contemporary Geometric Beadwork to turn that simple childhood toy into a beaded version that can be worn as a bracelet.  This pre-made version, sized for a small wrist and hand, is made with Miyuki squirrel  gray delica beads and embellished with 24K gold delica beads as well as 24k gold True2 Czech fire polished beads.  A larger version would be considered a custom order, and would be priced accordingly.


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