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My Story

Welcome to

MadeByMiqui Jewelry

Every store, whether online or brick & mortar, has a story.  This is mine.
 I come from a family of crafters.  My grandparents grew up in the south at the turn of the century when making what you needed, and wanted, was a way of life.  It’s a mindset that my grandmother passed on to my mother, who passed it on to myself and my siblings.   Before there was MadeByMiqui Jewelry, I made  jewelry as a  hobby, mostly for myself.  And I do it now, not as a necessity, but as a way to express my creativity and point of view.  Crafting is in my blood.  And I LOVE beautiful , unique jewelry. 

How It Started

It’s no wonder my first visit to a bead store a few years ago (I was looking for beads to adorn a knitting project) opened up a whole new world to me. I was mesmerized by the colors, and shapes, and the absolutely gorgeous items made by the store’s owner and staff.  I knew this was something I wanted to do, or at least try, as well. 
So I found a source for beading materials and projects. I found a simple project, bought what I needed, and followed the instructions. It was this point that I realized that beading could be my new passion. When I was done, I had a necklace that was as well crafted as any I could have purchased from a store.  I was proud of what I’d accomplished.  More so, I had fun doing it.  I wanted more.

And the journey continues…

I bought more supplies and more tools.  And completed more projects, mastered more techniques, and started to develop an aesthetic that reflects who I am.  When one of my coworkers asked me to make a bracelet similar to the one I wearing for her sister, I came to a startling thought – that others may like the work I do, and want to acquire it for themselves or a loved one.  That experience only cemented my thought that beading was something I was meant to do. Truth be told, beading became the vehicle by which I started to express my creative side and indulge in my love of jewelry at the same time – a passion and love that I eagerly share with you.  What you’re witnessing is the result – MadeByMiqui Jewelry.
My philosophy is that the right piece of jewelry should not just complement your outfit, it should also elevate your spirits. And I pride myself on not making anything that I would not proudly wear myself, taking tremendous care and pride in crafting the items I produce to last – I want you, or your giftee, to enjoy what I create for years to come.
Thank you again for visiting.  I hope you love what you find, or find what you’ll love. If not, let’s see if we can work together to create something special – just for you.